The 5 Euros “Millionaires Nature Club (MNC)”

Raised: 25 € 5 000 000 €90 Days Left

Become an exclusive member of the 5 Euros "Millionaires Nature Club (MNC)" and save species on the brink of extinction.

Aim of the MNC is to have an exclusive, effective, and very fast acting club of 1, 000, 000 members who care about "our planet" by investing a very tiny bit: One-time club member buy in fee 5 Euros now, plus 40 Euros (8 x 5 Euros) for 8 different projects per year - on demand. >> Be part of the "Fridays for Future Generation!"

About the Campaign

The Keep Nature Alive Team will select each year at least 8 conservation research projects with species on the very brink of extinction. To help these species to survive a very fast action is needed. To finance selected rescue research and conservation actions the club members will invest 8 times 5 Euros per year. After identifiying a “need for action species rescue project” Keep Nature Alive will send an email to the club members presenting the rescue project with a link to our camaign website asking for the support of the 5 Euros.

The club members will react very fast – within minutes or hours.

This new approach of taking direct action in saving biodiversity is only possible with the dedicated commitment of this exclusive “Millionaires Nature Club”. Together with you, we can jointly raise funds even within seconds for saving nature.

How does this work? It is very simple and exclusive:

1. In our worldwide first 5 Euros "Millionaires Nature Club" we allow 1 000 000 members only!

2. You can become a club member by donating "5 Euros" - (the first 1 000 000 donors will become members - so be fast, memberships are limited!)

3. Every year Keep Nature Alive selects at least 8 conservation rescue projects and the club members will donate 5 Euros to each project.

4. Within seconds, minutes or hours club members can provide funds to take fast action in saving species on the brink of extinction.

5. 3 Euros will benefit directly the seleced conservation research action/project, 1 Euro will go to education and outreach and 1 Euro will secure administration costs such as communication with the MNC club members, secure processing of donations, bank fees, web server, dedicted staff, etc.

6. The MNC club members will be informed about their deep impact by investing 5 Euros in a species rescue project.
Change our planet and become a member of the Five Euros "Millionaires Nature Club (MNC)".

Steven Seet Initiator and founder of Keep Nature Alive (KNA) & Head of Unit Public Relations of the German Leibniz Institute of Zoo and Wildife Research (IZW)