Keep Nature Alive CC GmbH i.G. (KNA) is the first scientific accompanied science communication and crowdfunding platform aiming at making a difference for our planet’s biodiversity – for our and future generations. Keep Nature Alive works in close collaboration with internationally renowned partners in biodiversity research and conservation, such as Conservation and Research Fund e.V. (CRF).

“Working for more than 18 years in wildlife research for conservation at the Leibniz-IZW, I gained deep insights into current and future challenges for biodiversity. During my fascinating communication and research work at the Leibniz-IZW I experienced first-hand that there is a need of financially backing up conservation research projects – in addition to utilizing governmental grant structures. In order to save species from the brink of extinction, fast action and flexibility is needed. This is where the Keep Nature Alive Crowdfunding Platform can step in to secure swift and targeted funding that makes a difference for our planet,” explains Steven Seet, founder of Keep Nature Alive and Head of Science Communication at the Leibniz-IZW.

The KNA Communication and Crowdfunding Platform enables important and eligible conservation projects around the world to raise public awareness and needed funds to meet their aims. KNA supports projects that are dedicated to halting the loss of biodiversity and reducing the negative human impact on nature and climate. Supporters will learn something about conservation research work and its impact on biodiversity. The platform will help supporters to stay updated on the supported projects and is a hub for further support: Often, the projects and initiatives do not only lack financial resources, but also various kinds of practical and logistical support. You are very welcome to get in contact with the project initiators. The KNA Crowdfunding Platform will be accompanied by communication science to secure a sustainable knowledge exchange with different target groups.

“We can only decide to protect what we value; and we only value what we intimately know and experience with all senses. For this reason, we have designed Keep Nature Alive to be more than a conservation box office, a toll station for our planet – our aim is to inform, engage and motivate through communication and multi-faceted interaction. If we raise awareness for environmental challenges, spread knowledge about potential solutions and get supporters in contact with scientists and conservationists, we can make a positive impact on our natural world”, says Jan Zwilling, content creator of Keep Nature Alive.

Join us in our mission to support evidence-based conservation initiatives across the globe and get in touch to learn more about how we can save our planet’s biodiversity for our and for future generations!

Steven Seet Initiator and CEO of Keep Nature Alive


We aim to support a diverse range of campaigns and projects that help to keep our nautre and our planet alive!


We support initiatives which have the ability to change the course of history for the better through the power of science!


We are open for project recommendations, conversations about our projects and always happy to meet new people and partners!